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Express Love ... The Wandering View is the 'creative' diary of Wandering Artist Television. Director Lobsang Tenzin offers his uniquely colourful perspective of our journey and gets us laughing with his intimate stories of missteps and adventures. Energetic and friendly, Lobsang is fascinated with the world and with all the beautiful moments that he can share for the greater good. Lobsang Tenzin will make you want to see the wonders of the world, experience everything, and learn something new every day!  His focus with the current project is to highlight the precious nature of compassion that is hidden within the mystical Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.

"We are building the miniature of "Tigers Nest" in the Redroom Studio. We will make a few animation action figures and do a little 'stop-motion' filming in the front window. Everything will be recorded and the production-art and animation processes will be posted in the Artist's Corner. "JURMEY" will begin shooting in Bhutan from April-May. While in Bhutan, we will also be doing many segments about Buddha Dordenma and the mindful arts, life ... etc.. Art shapes our unconscious and motivates all desires and its expression is the sum of our collective wisdom.  The Kingdom of Bhutan has been able to preserve a culture that is a living repository of mindful art practice. This Spring, the revealing of the Buddha Dordenma's terma, is the blossoming of Bhutan's precious cultural legacy and it is a very valuable and timely gift, for our fragile world. With these projects  we will be sharing a precious legacy with the world." - Lobsang Tenzin - IMDb a.k.a. Andrew Semple

Under everything, Lobsang is a passionate teacher, a devoted student and his love of 'well realized' art expression is only surpassed by his love of all life.

The Wandering View is also the name of the panoramic photography service of Wandering Artist Television Inc.

We create high quality immersive (spherical) images for designers, builders, hotels, resorts and all commercial locations.

The Spherical Images page has a list and a map that you can use to explore the special places we expose with our Wandering View.

Our collection of sherical images will grow steadily, to encompass everywhere we travel while producing The Wandering Artist television show. If you would like to have us shoot a Wandering View of your location and become part of our sphere location map, or if you want to know more about Wandering Artist Television Inc., email us at: info@wanderingartist.tv

About Wandering View's spherical images:

These immersive images are created using a series of steps that start with shooting a beautiful location on a beautiful day. Using custom built equipment, we shoot three 180 degree fisheye photographs with available light then stitch them together at the highest possible resolution to form the spherical image.
We present these spheres as flat images and as an interactive, spherical images (using the Flash player).


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